Girls Robes

      Kid's Animal Print Hooded Fleece Robe
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      Kids Hooded Fleece Animal Robe
      Regular price $61.23 Sale price $37.99
      Kids Hooded Fleece Animal Robe
      Regular price $61.23 Sale price $37.99

      The Best Quality Girl's Robes

      Give your daughter the luxury of a super-soft robe that will keep them warm and comfortable.

      It's time to switch from relying on plain towels to treat her to Leveret's robes for girls. Make bath and bed time fun for every girl and see their delight as they wrap themselves in one of our many cute options. Our girl's robes are a perfect match for wearing over a pair of lighter PJs. They also come with different color options and a variety of designs to choose from, so there will be one that will fit your gal. Rest easy knowing, your child will feel nice and warm but also look fabulously fashionable. We make sure you and your young lady have a lot of options to enjoy time together, looking and feeling great with that little touch of luxury together. Pamper her with the perfect choice from our robe collection here at the Leveret online store.

      Our robes are comfortable, stylish, and most of all, high quality. We make our robes out of premium materials, making sure it's durable. We only use quality fabrics that provide comfort to anyone who wears them. And the best thing about our girl's robe - you get value for your money! Our affordable prices will never compromise the quality and style of our product. We want every girl to be able to enjoy the best in comfort and fashion without breaking the bank. 

      Browse our wide selection of girls' robes today and show your daughter how much you care by picking out the perfect design for her.

      Tips on choosing the best robes for girls

      Picking the perfect robe for your young gal should be easy. You simply want to find a robe that feels great to wear in terms of fit and material while also loving the style, color and pattern, if there is one. You also should consider whether the material will be durable and stand up to the wear and tear required of most clothing for children. 

      When choosing a robe, here are what we consider the key factors to look for and decide on:

      • Choose the right color

      Just like adults, kids may have their favorite colors, too. Instead of picking one that suits your taste, consider your girl's preference. If unsure, safe colors to choose from are shades of pink, purple, and light blue. Your toddler or young lady will surely appreciate it if you get her the right color.

      • Length

      Make sure you have the perfect fit so she'll feel cozy. You won't want to give her too small or large robes, or it will be uncomfortable. The length of the robe also matters with the main usage of the item. In winter, you may want to ‌give a robe that is ankle length. It will make her warm in the cold weather. During summer, knee-length will work well. 

      • Design

      Designs keep our kid's robe fashionable. Consider the personality of your toddler or young lady when choosing the perfect robe for her. Leveret has quite several designs to choose from. With so many choices, there's surely one that's perfect for your kid. 

      Matching robes with a doll

      Does your girl love dolls?

      If yes, then we have a matching set that is perfect for her and her doll. Make her childhood memorable by giving her something that will last in her memories. She will surely love to wear it along with her doll. We have a wide variety of designs to choose from, so they have over one pair of unique designs to enjoy wearing.

      You can even let her choose the robe for her and her doll. Allowing her to decide on her robe design develops her sense of style. It also gives the opportunity to explore and learn more. It may not seem like it, but it's great for you and her, too. You can bond with her while she chooses with our vast selection. You can also support her if she is having trouble deciding. She will definitely feel great wearing her chosen robe.

      Below are some ‌benefits of letting your child choose her own robe:

      • Teaches independence and responsibility

      Giving her the chance to decide on her own, like choosing the design of her robe, teaches her responsibility. The best way for them to learn is to let them experience things on their own. It also grows their independence by allowing them to decide on their own.

      • Explore and improve who they are

      Many parents usually choose clothes for their kids and decide based on what they think fits them. But allowing the kid to decide which cloth to wear will let them know more about themselves. You can start by giving them the chance to choose their own robe. It also helps you learn more about your kid as she tries to decide on her own and express herself.

      • Bonding time with her

      You can also take the opportunity to bond with her while she picks her robe. You can teach her about the colors or animals or explain the details of the robes to her. 

      These are just a few of the many benefits of letting your lass choose her own robe. If it seems they are not ready yet, you can try asking her opinion first. Getting their opinion and allowing them to express themselves would be a great start. You can also guide them and explain things when needed. This will train them to decide on their own next time.

      Make your gal happy today. Scan our Girl and Doll matching outfit collection with your gal now! 

      Qualities of Leveret girl's robe

      • Texture

      Our robes have a soft texture, making them cozy for your girl. We know kids can get fussy when they are uncomfortable with what they wear. With our robes’ super soft texture, they will not feel any single discomfort.

      • Wide color and design selection

      We made sure there are plenty of options for your gal. We have plain robes that come in different colors. There are also robes with hoods, animal prints, stripes, and many more. She got plenty of options to choose from and she will surely enjoy wearing our cute girls' robes.

      • Durable

      The quality of our robes is superb as we only use premium materials. The stitches are carefully done. You can machine wash them in cold water without worrying about damage. 

      • Affordable

      We know most of the items nowadays are getting expensive. That's why we provide girls' robes that are fashionable and affordable without sacrificing the quality. We believe every girl deserves to have Leveret's robes to make them comfortable in cold weather or after a bath. With our robes, you'll spend a little but still get value for your money in the long run.

      The ideal gift for girls aged 2 to 14

      When you are running out of ideas for a gift for 2 to 14 years old girls, consider our robes as a great solution and something they can benefit from daily. Plus, they’ll be able to think of you every night when they wear it. What a great way to remind someone how much they mean to giving them a present that keeps them feeling warm and secure all night. You can also cater to their personality and demonstrate that personal touch.

      Below are some perfect gift ideas:

      • Girl and doll fleece hooded robe

      These rainbow-colored girls robes come with a matching robe for an 18" doll. The hood is a cute unicorn head and horn. This design will surely bring a magical moment to any girl when she plays with her doll in a matching outfit. You can easily match this design with any unicorn pajamas too. There are two options for this design, Rainbow Tie Dye and Rainbow Stars. Both variations are both colorful and fashionable.

      • Girl and doll fleece hooded animal robes

      Does your girl love animals? This design is perfect for her. It has a cute hood and a matching robe for your girl's doll. This design comes with the below variation:

      • Cow Black White
      • Unicorn Pink
      • Moose Red Black
      • Polar Bear Navy

      • Kids robe hooded fleece animal

      This hooded robe features a self-tie belt at the waist. This simple but cute design will surely fit your gal. They can easily match it with any light pajamas they have. Below are her options for this design:

      • Penguin Light Blue
      • Panda Black White
      • Bear Brown
      • Elephant Grey

      • Kids hooded fleece robes - Moon Star Navy

      If your lass is fun with stars and the moon, then gifting her this robe will make her jump with excitement. She can wear this on cold nights paired with her light pajama while watching the stars and the moon.

      • Fleece shawl collar robe

      When you or your lass want a basic look, then this plain colored design is the perfect suit. This collar robe comes with below solid colors and a self-tie belt:

      • Dark Grey
      • Green
      • White
      • Light Pink
      • Blue
      • Navy
      • Black
      • Orange
      • Yellow
      • Red
      • Purple
      • Hot Pink

      • Kids Robes Fleece Stripes Hooded 

      If your gal is fond of stripes then these designs will make her smile. This hooded stripe robe comes with the below options:

      • Blue Navy
      • Blue Green
      • Purple Charcoal

      Finding the perfect gift for your toddler or young lady is easy with Leveret's robes. They are all cute and comfy! There are a lot of variations, too. Check out our collections of girls' robes and get your gal her favorite color or animal design!

      The benefits of robes for girls

      They make bath time or showers easier

      Instead of worrying about drying off and what to do with wet towels, all you need is your robe. The fabric will absorb the moisture while keeping you warm and snug.

      It’s healthier for the skin

      Instead of rubbing a towel across skin that can be sensitive, the robe easily absorbs any moisture on the skin without the friction from towel drying. Any slight dampness in the robe tends to dry out naturally due to body heat keeping everyone safe and dry.

      An additional warm layer

      On colder evenings or mornings, this extra layer traps in body heat and adds warmth to stay cozy and snug. We’ve all heard that the best way to stay warm is with layers, this is exactly the same principle for nightwear too. It helps with airflow and it’s easy to remove the top layer if you get too warm. 

      Shop Now: The best price high quality robes for girls

      Put a smile on their face and show you care with a luxurious robe that perfectly suits her personality and needs. We have a wide range of cute designs that she will absolutely love. We even have robes that will match her favorite doll! Whatever the occasion, our girls' robes are great gift ideas. They are comfy, fashionable and never go out of style!

      Discover how our affordable yet durable, comfy, and cute girls' robes can bring happiness to your young one. Buy her a robe today!