Bunny Pajamas

      Matching Girl & Doll Bunny Dress
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      Get the Whole Family Excited for Bunny Pajamas

      Are you ready to enjoy festive bunny prints that you can wear all year long? Leveret’s premium selection of bunny pajamas are an ideal choice for any time of year, and type of weather, and any occasion.

      The whole family can get in on the fun with matching pajama sets for men, women, kids, and pups. Don’t leave anyone out of the family portraits this year!

      Match your set with your family’s or choose sets that speak to your individuality. These pajamas are here to showcase your love of bunnies in whatever festive print you choose.

      Best of all, these pajamas are durable, with premium-quality materials and tough stitching, allowing your prints to retain the same level of brilliance as the first wear with every wash.

      Let Your Child Explore Their World  

      Inside the mind of your child, there is a whole world of excitement and imagination to explore. Everything can become something magical with just a few moments of thought.

      A stick can turn into a bow, an acorn can become a cauldron, grass and dirt can become baked goods for their imaginary customers, stars can become worlds, and bunnies on pajamas can become essential companions that keep them company.

      Let your child’s imagination run wild and explore their imaginary world full of stars and critters one pajama set at a time. Their world can open up with countless stories and fairytales with an endless number of possibilities.

      These kids, women, and mens pajamas can handle it, with durable stitching and premium-quality fabric that will show patterns just as brilliantly on the eightieth wash as it did on the first.

      PJs for Naptime, Playtime, and Bedtime

      These bunny jammies aren’t just for special occasions. These sets are ideal for any time of day, any time of year, from naptime to playtime, and bedtime alike.

      Comfortable fleece keeps you warm in the wintertime. Organic 100% cotton will keep you snug and cool in a summer under the stars, and polyester is a perfect choice for any season in-between.

      Whether you’re in search of the perfect loungewear or trying to keep the magic of festivity alive with fun matching family sets, the whole family is sure to have a blast with these bunny pajamas sets.

      With Leveret, the whole family is certain to stay comfortable any time of year. These fun print jammies are making room for some of the best memories for all of you to remember for years to come.

      Brilliant Wash After Wash

      With free shipping, the moment your Leveret jammies arrive on your doorstep is the last time you need to worry about ruined jammies on laundry day.

      Every set you order from Leveret will stay brilliant wash after wash. There’s no need to cry over spilled milk with a little stain remover and proper washing.

      No matter if your pooch has been rolling around in the mud, or if the kids have been outside playing all day, or you’ve spilled some morning coffee, Leveret’s high-quality fabrics are certain to stay brilliant and comfortable.

      Durable stitching keeps it from stretching over time, and the vibrant prints won’t fade over time, staying stretch free. Simply wash in cold water and dry on delicate or hang dry, and your jammies will be as brilliant as they were when you put them on for the first time.

      Bunny Jammies for Your Pup, Too

      Did you think we forgot the family dog? Your pooch doesn’t have to give up comfort just because he has four legs.

      At Leveret, we make specialty jammies for the four-legged family members too, in the same fun prints and quality fabrics that you and your kids enjoy as well.

      Perfect for lounging around the house during the day or going on walks under the stars, these jammies will keep your pup comfortable any time of day.

      We Haven’t Forgotten Mom and Dad

      Mom and dad can enjoy the same fun and festive bunny pajamas prints that the kids and family pup can. Just because your child’s imagination is allowed to run wild, doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a little simplicity and fun too. Choose from select women and mens patterns in the same styles your kids can enjoy.

      Whether you're shopping for a kigurumi or fun easter pajamas to keep your holiday card as fun as possible, we have your favorites in stock and ready to be shipped straight to your door. Choose from colors from white to pink and everything in-between with two piece sets for any size.

      With Leveret, family memories are made easily, with top-quality materials that are guaranteed to last with proper care and washing, you’ll never go back to normal flimsy women and mens sets.

      Available not just in colorful and wild patterns, but in more discreet and interesting patterns as well, giving men and women both a range of print choices that allows you to select what you feel most comfortable in.

      Free Shipping Over $49: Premium-Quality Rabbit PJs

      By using premium-quality fabrics, we provide you and the whole family with comfortable jammies that are certain to last you the whole year with easy shipping to several countries, and free shipping for qualifying domestic orders over $49.

      From festive, over-the-top prints to something a little more discreet, every matching pajama set from Leveret you wear will have a special place in your wardrobe. We provide shipping right to your door, making your next order feel just like a gift.

      Stay comfortable and cozy all year long with different fabric choices and wear your playfulness with pride. Shop to match the whole family together or choose unique prints that you each enjoy.

      It’s time to start making memories with jammies that will last for years to come.

      Shop the Latest Deals

      Leveret is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality fabrics with fun fabrics for the whole family. Shop the latest bunny pajama deals today and get the whole family outfitted with matching pajama sets.

      These jammies are full of childlike wonder, allowing you to have just as much fun in the comfort of your new PJs, even in the more discreet patterns for men and women.

      Every new pajama set is a new adventure, and at Leveret, we take that responsibility seriously.

      Let’s face it: who doesn’t enjoy fun pajama prints? So why are you still looking to buy boring jammies that wear out quickly? Leveret is the top choice for quality pajamas that last.

      Forget the plain, solid colors and polka dots common with adult jammies today. It’s time to reconnect with your individuality and re-discover the joy of matching fun pajama sets right out of the bag.

      These bunny jammies will keep you cozy all year long and let you enjoy the magic of early mornings or late nights in comfortable, playful prints.