About Us

In 2007, our mission was inspired from the simple joy that came from matching with loved ones and family.

We wished to create a brand that embodied that joyous feeling, and to share that delight with others. Matching with family and loved ones provides a sense of unity and comfort, while also promoting a feeling of excitement. It was this initial celebration of peace in combination with a love for comfortability, family, and affordability that built the foundation for Leveret Clothing


Celebrating Peace
Designed to Unite

Our team here at Leveret wished to create a product that would stand the test of time. Through our classic designs and high quality blend of cotton, we were able to rise to the occasion. With families and comfort at the forefront of our vision, we carefully decided on crafting our pajamas with high quality cotton fibers.

Cotton turtlenecks and image of cotton
high quality cotton for high quality comfort

Cotton is scientifically proven to provide you and your loved ones with the best sleep possible.

Here´s why:

  • Cotton is hypoallergenic. Since it is not a synthetic fiber, it is sure to keep your skin safe from irritation.

  • Cotton is breathable! Unlike synthetic fibers, it does not trap heat underneath your PJs.

  • Cotton is hydrophilic. This helps wick moisture from your skin to provide you with the utmost comfort possible.
Child in off white pajamas
Dad and daughter in matching bird pajamas
image of books
family in matching rainbow stripes pajama