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      Leveret's Pajamas for Dogs

      As a pet lover, you most probably think of your furry friends as part of the family. You feed them on time, take them for checkups, give them vaccines, and groom them. You may be even up to date with dogs' fashions like clothes, accessories, hats, and boots. One of your popular choices of apparel for your dogs is pajamas. While these are a way to add some character and a bit of luxury, they also benefit your dog.

      Dogs' fur is naturally created to help your furry friends thrive with the weather, but giving them dog sleepwear helps them better adapt to the cold temperature. Have you noticed that they usually look for a warm place during the night? Just like humans, your dogs look forward to the warm feeling when sleeping, too - the same as how you snuggle with your sleepwear or warm covers. This is why we came up with comfortable dog sleepwear that will help them rest better at night after a long day. 

      The domestication of dogs over the years, plus the constant change in the environment, makes them susceptible to the weather. Our dog pajamas can help your furry friends get a comfortable sleep. Leveret’s 100% cotton dog pajamas are not prone to irritation so they will be a warm, comfy feeling for your dog. These breathable outfits are also cute and fashionable.

      Here at Leveret, we believe that everyone in the family deserves comfortable and fashionable sleepwear, and yes, that includes dog pajamas. Getting your furry friends their own pair or a matching pair of sleepwear that goes with the rest of the family can be a fantastic way to make sure they feel loved.

      We use the same quality materials as our standard sleepwear to ensure your dogs are as cozy as they can be. With our variety of patterns and styles, you will surely find something that looks stylish and fits your dog. Whether you’ve got a small or a large dog, there is perfect sleepwear for your furry friends.

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      Patterned and Matching Family Pajamas

      Looking for something a little jazzier? Although we do offer plain, solid-colored options, our customers love our patterned dog sleepwear, too.  We have a large selection of pajamas, everything from plaid to camo to various animal prints and much more.  These designs are easily matched with your outfit, so they are perfect for holiday gatherings, special occasions, or photo sessions. Both humans and dogs alike love this special connection, and it can make for some cute, humorous, and unforgettable moments and pictures. Your pets deserve all the love and attention they can get, so this is just one way of doing it. 

      Tips for Buying Your First Pajamas Set for Your Dog

      Dog apparel has been very popular with dog owners, and dog pajamas are one of the crazes. There are a lot of options when it comes to dog sleepwear, but here are some tips for your first purchase:

      • Buy from a trusted specialty store.

      Buying in a specialty store allows you to have the best dog pajamas rather than buying just anywhere else. Leveret has been offering cotton sleepwear for the whole family since 2007. With a mission inspired to celebrate life’s most peaceful moments, we offer premium cotton sleepwear for the entire family.

      • Buy Online

      There are risks involved in buying online; however, the benefits outweigh the risks. Also, if you buy from a trusted shop like Leveret, you are safe when it comes to the quality and delivery of the products. We have a vast collection of products you can select from without leaving your home. Reviews of our products are also easily accessible, so you'll have an idea of what other people think of the PJs. Unlike buying in the store, where you'll have limited choices and prices are usually higher. It is also not easy to get feedback from other people, whereas an online store gives you all the reviews in a few clicks.

      The fabric for the dog pajama you should buy is 100% cotton to ensure that it's breathable and won't be too hot for your dog. We only use high-quality cotton because we know how comfortable it is. It is warm but at the same time breathable.

      • Take manual measurement

      Get your dog's measurement and compare it to our size chart. If you are unsure, you can contact us so we can help you decide what best fits your fur friend.

      • Know your pet's personality and style.

      There are lots of cute designs out there for you to select from, but it's wise to pick one that fits its personality. Whether your dog loves to sleep, eat his treats, or is very playful, there's undoubtedly one that is perfect for your fur friend. Take your time to research and find out what's the best style to highlight its personality. 

      • Give them a try.

      If you are still unsure if you should buy a set, please order some and try them first to see how much your dog likes them. The best thing about our dog pajamas is that they are very comfortable, and all our furry customers love them. Check out our Clearance section and get your dog its first pajama today!  

      FAQs: Dog Pajamas

      What is the proper way of pajama care?

      Dog pajamas need occasional washing, just like your jackets. You can machine wash them in cold water, but never bleach them. As much as possible, use a natural or mild detergent to avoid any unwanted reaction on skin.

      Solid color and dog sleepwear with a pattern need separate washing. You should also avoid putting them in a dryer to preserve the good quality of the pajamas.

      Should dogs wear pajamas?

      It is not a must for a dog to wear pajamas. However, its many benefits to your dog can make it a necessity, especially in cold weather.

      Below are some of the benefits of getting your fur friend a dog pajama:

      • Sleep training and apparel-wearing

      It helps you train your dog to wear vestments and sleep at a specific time. These outfits are comfortable enough to wear on any occasion. If you get into a specific routine, your dog may also understand that wearing his or her dog pajamas means sleeping time. After a while, your fur friend may grasp the sleeping time you’ve set.

      • Stylish

      A lot of our dog sleepwear is very cute and fashionable, which will make your fur baby feel that extra sense of TLC. We have a huge selection of designs and sizes, so there is surely one that will fit your dog and a style that will suit their personality! 

      • It helps hyperactive puppies to get calm.

      Since it gives a warm and secure feeling, it allows your hyperactive puppy to feel calm and protected. This means you can also relax and get a better night's sleep too.

      • Warm Feeling

      It provides warmth to your dog, who is feeling cold or not feeling well. This is beneficial to your puppy or small dogs like French Bulldogs and Chihuahuas as they easily get colder than the bigger ones. Old dogs and sick ones can easily get cold, too, so it will be highly useful for them as well. It gives your dog protection from cold weather and the risk that comes along with it. 

      • Protection

      Some dogs have sensitive skin so the pajamas will give them extra protection. It keeps their fur maintained cleanliness and their body away from irritation too. It is also good if your dog is healing from his or her wounds. It avoids direct contact with the wound, like chewing or licking, and prevents infection, allowing it to heal faster.

      • Matching outfit with your dog

      One cute way to show your love for your fur friend is through a matching family pajamas. These are also great for photo session outfits with the whole family.

      • Avoid shedding on beds, sofas, or carpets.

      Shedding happens when the dog loses its fur because of damage, and it allows new fur to grow. When this happens, it is good to have your dog wear pajamas to protect yourself and save yourself some time vacuuming the fur.

      As dog owners, we all take pride in pampering our furry friends, and a high-quality set of pajamas certainly fits the bill. Some pups, especially those that are smaller and have shorter coats, may find themselves shivering, especially during the cooler months. A set of dog sleepwear can enhance their well-being by keeping their body temperature at something comfortable.

      How do you measure a dog for pajamas?

      Before heading to the cart and shop, it is very important to get the measurements of your dog to make sure you get the right size of pajamas for your fur friend. You don't want it to be too loose or too tight; otherwise, your dog will be uncomfortable. Here's how to get the measurement of your dog:

      • Take the full length of the body of your dog
      • Measure the size of the waist
      • Get the circumference of the neck and the width of the chest

      You can see our dog pajama size chart here, or you can also contact us to confirm the right fit.

      Does my pitbull need pajamas?

      Your pitbull may not need one, but you might consider getting her or him. Dog pajamas for pitbulls help your dog to adapt to cold temperatures faster. Pitbulls are very loving, loyal, and easily trained; however, a lot gets intimidated or afraid of them because of their big personality. Having them wear cute dog pajamas can lessen the intimidation, and they’ll look more friendly.

      Which dog needs pajamas?

      Some dogs need pajamas to help them maintain their body heat, especially on cold nights or in winter. Some may need them for aesthetic purposes. Our 100% stylish cotton sleepwear comforts your fur friend, allowing them to sleep better at night. Small, short-haired dogs and those who are sick, however, need them the most. It provides both the warmth and the protection they need. 

      Small, short-haired dogs like Chihuahuas will not only look cute with our pajamas but they will also get a good night's sleep. While those dogs recovering from an illness or a wound will get extra protection. It keeps them away from dirt and the dog licking its own wound. This is also beneficial for you as it avoids fur from falling onto your carpets, sofas, or bed. Dogs who are sick tend to have more fallen fur because they get weaker and lose weight.

      Do you have pajamas for big dogs?

      It is quite usual to see a puppy or small dogs in their pajamas and it's very easy to find one in the market. If you have a big dog like a husky or golden retriever and are struggling to find pajamas for your furry friend, then search no more. We have a good selection of pajamas for your dog that they will surely love - and you too. 

      We know how important it is for your pet to get a comfortable sleep. That's why we make sleepwear both for small and big dogs. We make sure that every dog has the opportunity to get a cozy sleep with our 100% cotton sleepwear.

      Do Dogs like wearing clothes?

      Dogs can't speak themselves out, so it's not easy to determine whether they are happy. The best way to tell is by observing their actions. Every dog is different, so one may like it and the other may not, even if they are of the same breed. There is no better way than to assess your pet and see how he or she will react.

      We have been in the business for many years, and we get a lot of positive feedback from customers about their dogs getting better sleep. That shows that dogs love wearing our pajamas because they are warm and comfortable. It all goes to comfortability, so make sure that your dog enjoys the experience from the first time you wear the pajamas until you remove them. It must also fit perfectly for your dog and the weather or temperature is not too hot or they will get irritated. 

      Shop Options: Dogs 100% Cotton Pajamas:

      Imagine your dog wearing one of our comfortable dog pajamas - isn't she or he looking lovely? You can even get a matching outfit for the whole family! We have plain, solid colors and patterned dog sleepwear - so there is one that will fit your taste or your dog's personality. 

      Leveret is your go-to shop when it comes to comfy dog sleepwear. We have helped pet owners get their dogs a comfortable sleep with our 100% cotton sleepwear. Discover how your dog can get so comfy with our cute dog pajamas - shop now! Sipping ASAP!

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