The unique Matching Blue & White Stripes pajama set will bring out the festive feelings in any family and get them ready for the holiday season. Moms, dads, and kids are sure to have a pair of pajamas that will fit perfectly and also look stunning. Every pair is made from a soft 100% cotton material, which will be sure to provide the best comfort for either sleeping or lounging around the house. Its design consists of a blue and white striped pattern going across the entire body and arms. For adult pajamas, they consist of a slim fit with ribbed cuffs at the ankles and wrists. Their slim fit is also complemented with the elastic waistband and will allow even more comfort. Children’s products come in either a long sleeve or short sleeve design, however, both are equally festive for any holiday of the year. To keep them protected against any potential fire dangers, pajamas should fit snugly against every child. All striped pajamas also include tagless labels to protect any exposed skin. With the holiday season not too far away, the family will certainly look festive in the Matching Blue & White Stripes pajama set for a wonderful time!