Easter Pajamas


      Easter Bunny Pajama Sets for Kids and Baby

      As kids, holidays are some of the best times around. Laughter fills the air, there’s plenty of tasty treats to eat that lasts until the stars come out, and best of all? You get to stay in your pajama set for most of the day.

      Keep the littles festive and let them wear their pajama prints with pride throughout the holiday. Shop Leveret’s fun matching pajama sets today and get something your toddler (and you) will adore.

      Make Memorable Easter Moments with Pajamas that Last

      It takes work to create fun memories. Luckily, Leveret has done the work for you, and all you have to do is pick your style stars.

      Pose for the next best holiday card with the kids as the stars, or enjoy an evening with your favorite people. Whatever the activity, stay comfortable with a quality pajama set created from your favorite materials and patterns for the occasion.

      Types of Easter Pajamas for all Sizes

      At Leveret, there are a variety of toddler and adult Easter pajamas set patterns, styles, and materials for you to choose from.

      Enjoy the feeling of 100% natural fiber, stay warm with cozy fleece, or choose from a luxurious polyester blend, perfect for both baby and parents.

      Choose your comfort, choose your fit, and choose your fun with Leveret premium-quality pajama sets for girls and boys, mom and dad, all with free shipping on qualifying orders while stock lasts.

      With Leveret, you and your baby can enjoy the same price you pay for other sets. Hit your target and shop Leveret for deals fro boy and girls styles that everyone will enjoy.

      Matching Family Pajamas with Bunny Prints for Even More Fun

      It’s time to start creating the best memories with Leveret brand PJs set. Each set is available to buy in a range of sizes for mom, dad, kids, and even the pooch. Whether your littles are still in baby sizes, if they're growing into a toddler, or getting a little older than that, you can trust that they'll always have jammies to fit their needs.

      Shop our latest deals and styles and let your baby explore the stars, play with bunnies, and find new colors all in their imaginary world.

      Match your style together and pose for the fun holiday card you’ve always wanted with the girls and boys, or also grab a PJ set that speaks to your individual style.

      With easy washing instructions and durable stitching, these PJs will last with the same brilliance as when they first arrived, giving you the best quality that doesn’t limit your choices. Perfect for a fun indoor Easter pyjamas jam, or out in the yard egg-hunting and playing.

      Women’s and Men’s Comfortable Bunny Pajama - Easter Sets

      Mom and dad aren’t left out of the picture during Easter fun – we offer matching sets for men and women as well. Each one is created to match other sets, helping you create the best family memories.

      Choose from a variety of patterns from fun stripes and dots to bring out your inner kid, or more mature (but fun) one like grey birds, bunnies and carrots, or avocados, and more. With Leveret, there is always a way to express your fun individuality both during and after Easter.

      Best of all? No one is limiting you to just one. With fast shipping, you can enjoy as many "maybe one more" as you want.

      Made from the same comfortable materials as other fashion pajama sets from Leveret, you can expect a level of quality and durability that lasts for more than one or two years.

      Easter Sleepwear and Pajamas for Four-Legged Family Members

      Don’t let the holidays pass without your favorite pooch getting their fair share of the fun. After all, dogs are a part of the family too, and you and your toddler will have a blast with the pup running around in the same sleep set.

      Whether you’re having breakfast on Easter morning with your toddler, wearing it on a relaxing day in, getting ready for bed under the stars, or posing for the next fun family holiday card, keep your pup comfortable too with their own matching pajama set. This holiday will be one to remember.

      Created carefully with premium materials and durable stitching, your pooch will love the freedom that comes with this brands most comfortable pajamas set.

      Made with the same patterns from a set that you and your family can enjoy, you can purchase a full two piece set, or mix it up with everyone’s favorite style. From stars to baby bunnies in all kinds of sizes in boy or girls styles, there's plenty of favorites to choose from.

      Shop Festive Bunny Pajama Prints for Easter at Leveret

      Leveret is dedicated to keeping memories alive with fun sleep wear you can sport whether the stars or the sun is out for girls and boys. Made from comfortable materials from polyester to organic cotton, this sleepwear is great for toddler sizes up to adults. Simply add your favorite easter pattern to the cart, click, and wait for shipping to do the rest.

      We provide quality materials in fun and engaging patterns for the whole family, all with easy shipping. Whether it’s the your toddler, mom, dad, or even the family dog, there's a fun Easter print to choose from that is sure to get high ratings from the in-laws. No jammy is a one time wear, so each pattern is great for the holidays or nightly wear for you, the toddler, baby, and family pooch alike.

      Our premium-quality materials are durable and stay fresh with each wash, no matter how many shenanigans the dog gets into, or how many messes the girls and boys create.

      Simply wash inside out on cold and keep your pajama set feeling smooth and cozy, just the same as when they arrive at your doorstep. With fast shipping, jammies don't have to be boring.