Every family can make their holiday even more unforgettable with the Matching Hanukkah Menorah Pajamas set. With options available for every member of the house, those festive photoshoots are the perfect time to match the family together. These designs feature a pattern of menorahs and dreidels, complementing well with the blue sleeves and white background. Pajamas are also made up of a 100% soft cotton material, which will surely provide comfort for those colder nights. For the adult options, they consist of a two-piece loose-fitting pajama that comes in a variety of sizes. Mom and Dad are bound to find a size suitable for them and will get a cozy night of rest. Children’s options consist of either their own two-piece set, or a one-piece zip-up with Leveret footed grips. To provide extra comfort and safety from potential fire dangers, all kid’s pajamas are designed to fit snugly. Our dog pajamas also make sure that your furry companions are included in the festivities. Tagless labels are implemented on every set of pajamas and will ensure any exposed skin is protected. The Matching Hanukkah Menorah Pajamas are bound to make this holiday season even more special, and the family will be sure to sleep comfortably while looking stylish!