About Us

At Leveret, we are firm believers in our dreams... and in yours.
It is for this sole purpose that in 2007, Leveret’s design mission was based upon celebrating life’s most peaceful moments through premium cotton sleep wear for the entire family.
With families on our mind, our breathable, lightweight cotton ensures you and your little ones with the utmost comfort and a sense of unity by matching your loved ones... without the splurge.
Leveret offers designs regardless of age and size. We are fueled by the inspiration of:
  • Colors: We believe in creating a wide selection of styles and colors.
  • Classics: Less is more – our fun prints in our pajama selection are based on much loved and known classic themes
  • Matching fun: From matching your pajamas with your children, to matching pajamas and nightgowns for them and their favorite doll, or dog.
  • Practical: We work hard to ensure selection of the best items that have an amazing fit all while being practical for a busy lifestyle.
  • Seasonal: We make an ample selection of prints inspired by all the different seasons and holidays of the year.

From quality matching pajamas, rash guards and leotards, flip through our enchanting collection designed with nothing but love and an eye for detail...for you and your family. 

So go on, experience the magic for yourself or your family.