May 2020

Leveret & Moms For Moms NYC

For Mother's Day, Leveret sat down with the founder of Moms for Moms, NYC: Danielle Krupa.

During this time, Leveret was inspired by the company to take initiative to help out mothers in need.

How did you begin this?

I started Moms for Moms in the Spring of 2014 when my daughter was 1.5 years old and I was pregnant with my 2 nd child. It wasn’t lost on me as the daughter of a single mother that struggled financially and emotionally how fortunate I was to enter motherhood with a supportive partner, family, friends, security and more. I wanted to give back to women who were entering this journey alone without the basics becoming a mother requires and deserves. I asked some of my neighborhood mom friends if they’d be interested in meeting every month, chipping in money and supporting a mother in need.
It really began as a pay-it-forward initiative and now over 6 years later we are a full 501c3 nonprofit  serving thousands of women a year and working with some of the largest women’s shelters and organizations in NYC.

Danielle Krupa with her family

What does Moms for Moms NYC do?

We send out monthly care packages to our community partners (shelters, safe houses,
postpartum recovery centers, the NYC department of homelessness and more).

Our 2 care packages consist of a Postpartum Care Kit and a Baby Bundle. Our Postpartum Care Kit
is a large re-usable tote filled with all of the essentials a woman needs right after childbirth: feminine care products, nipple cream and breast pads, self-care items like shampoo, soap and lotion. We want our mothers to feel cared for so we also include cozy slipper socks, a reusable water bottle and plenty of snacks.

Our Baby Bundles are what we like to call a “Baby Shower in a Bag”. These are extra-large
reusable totes that are filled with all of the essentials a mother needs for her newborn.
Diapers, wipes, clothing, blankets, bottles, first-aid kits, baby wash and lotion, diaper cream and so much more. We also always include a small plush lovey for the baby.

How does Moms for Moms NYC achieve this?

Thankfully we have some amazing brand partners, like Leveret, that make in-kind
donations of the items we need most to fill our care packages.
Additionally, companies and corporations often hold drives in honor of us or donate a portion of sales to us. And we are also very fortunate to have wonderful friends, family and donors who support us financially enabling us to purchase the additional items we need to fill our bags. Once the bags are assembled at our office in midtown Manhattan, we distribute them across NYC.

How is Leveret helping out?

Leveret has donated over 80 pieces of their baby bodysuits to be included in the kits for mothers. Moms who do not have the finances, are unable to physically shop, or if under any sort of stress, are able to receive items for their Leveret items for babies in the care kits.

What can one do to help out?

Donating goods or donating financially are always appreciated. You can find the items we are most in need of on the donation page of our website. And donating time; we are a small team that is growing and we are always looking for volunteers, whether it is to help sort, pack and deliver our care packages or lend their expertise in the areas of marketing, finance and fundraising.

Moms For Moms
501(c)3 nonprofit that provides critical and necessary postpartum + childcare essentials to NYC single mothers in need. Donate here